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Barcelona Macroeconometrics Summer School 

Barcelona Microeconometrics Summer School

Welcome to the Barcelona Macroeconometrics Summer School (BMaSS)

The Barcelona Macroeconometrics Summer School will be offered by the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. It is directed by Luca Gambetti, Professor of Economics at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor.

Course content

Macroeconometrics is an important area of research in economics. Time series methods for empirical macroeconomics have become very popular and widely used in the academia as well as in public and private institutions. The goal of the Barcelona Macroeconometrics Summer School is to offer courses covering a wide range of topics in macroeconometrics. The courses have the following objectives:

  1. To provide students with knowledge of a set of modern time series methods necessary for empirical research in macroeconomics.
  2. To present a variety of empirical applications in macroeconomics.
  3. To survey some of the recent developments in macroeconometrics.

In general, the courses will have an empirical orientation. Although econometric theory will have a central role, special attention will be paid to the applications and data. The level of the courses should be comparable to those taught in the Barcelona GSE master programs. These courses should be of interest to masters and graduate students as well as practitioners who want to expand their knowledge in the area.

Course Offering

All courses are 10 hours long of lecture and 5 hours of practical time. The schedule is as follows:
CourseDatesLecture and Practical Sessions
Bayesian Time Series Methods: Introductory
June 29 - July 39:00 - 11:00
16:15 - 17:15
Albert Marcet
Marek Jarocinski
Empirical Time Series Methods for Macroeconomic Analysis: Introductory
June 29 - July 311:30 -13:30
17:15 - 18:15
Luca Gambetti
Bayesian Methods for DSGE Models June 29 - July 3
14:00 - 16:00
18:15 - 19:15
Kristoffer Nimark
Bayesian Time Series Methods: Advanced
July 6-109:00 - 11:00
16:15 - 17:00
Dimitris Korobilis
Empirical Time Series for Macroeconomic Analysis: Advanced
July 6-1011:30 - 13:30
17:15 - 18:15
Luca Gambetti
Modeling Non-stationary and Non-linear Time Series July 6-1014:00 - 16:00
18:15 - 19:15
Laura Mayoral
Gabriel Pérez Quirós

The schedule of the Barcelona Macroeconometrics Summer School is designed to allow students to participate in all courses offered. However, courses can also be taken individually.

Laptop required for practical sessions

Practical sessions will be held in a lecture room, not in a computer lab.  Participants must bring a laptop in order to follow these sessions. Every participant taking a course in the Macroeconometrics Summer School will receive a life-time personal free license of MATLAB several days before the start of the Summer School. Participants should install the MATLAB software on their laptops for use during the practical sessions.

Other class materials will be made available to students. The instructors are also available to discuss research ideas and projects with the program participants.

To whom the Barcelona Macroeconometrics Summer School is addressed

Candidates who would benefit from the Macroeconometrics Summer School include:

  • Researchers and practitioners working at central banks as well as other private and public institutions whose work would benefit from a course focused on the latest advances in macroeconometrics.
  • Masters and PhD students who want to extend their knowledge in macroeconometrics and learn more about frontier research topics.

Entry Requirements

To be considered for admission, applicants must have:

  • Strong background in Economics or related fields
  • Working knowledge of English

There is limited space in the Barcelona GSE Summer School Courses. Among the candidates who meet the eligibility criteria, the Barcelona GSE will select those with more outstanding professional and/or academic careers.

Fees and Discounts

  • Regular fee: 1200 € per course
  • Reduced fee: 700 € per course
Discount pricing for participants taking more than one course (from any Summer School program):
2 courses
20% discount
3 courses
35% discount
4 courses
40% discount

Early bird discount:An additional 10% discount for full payments received on or before April 15.

Reduced fee applies to PhD/Master students, returning summer school participants and Barcelona GSE students / alumni.

Fees for the first course vary by summer school program; please check other summer school program pages for their fees.

Fees include coffee breaks and any material required for the course.

Admission Process

Interested candidates should apply before May 30. After this deadline, your place may not be guaranteed.

Applications will be evaluated by the program directors and candidates will be informed of their decision. A document will be attached to our response with payment information. Before applying, please read through the summer school cancellation policy and other regulations. [pdf]


At the conclusion of the Summer Schools, participants will receive a certificate for the number of hours attended. All Barcelona GSE courses require an average of twice the lecture hours for readings, pre-readings and class preparation. Interested students should check with their universities to see if these hours are transferable into ECTS credits.

Home » Programs of Study » Continuing Education - Summer Schools » Macroeconometrics Summer School

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